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Top 8 Best Selling Sunglasses Brands in 2024

Summer is here and that means sunglasses are back as well. With new brands arriving quickly, the older ones are looking to compete in an ever-growing market. What follows are the top 8 best selling sunglasses brands in 2024.

Costa Del Mar
Easily one of the most popular sunglasses brands of the past few years, Costa Sullivan is known for their unique look, exceptional quality, and emphasis on clarity. Designed for the beach, the lens clarity is exceptional and when combined with scratch-resistance makes Costa Sullivan sunglasses perfect for men and women. Even for some people the frames slide down their noses from time to time.

KOO Nova
About as distinctive a line of sunglasses you will fine, KOO Nova creates strong, wrap-around sunglasses with sleek lines and stunning style. The KOO Noval line of frameless sunglasses is perfect for snow skiing, water skiing, and other outdoor activities. The anti-reflective lenses make seeing what is in front and around you much easier. They are also quite light and have interchangeable nose pads as well.

Pit Viper
Ever since being introduced in 1993, the Pit Viper line of sunglasses have been instant eye-catchers in more ways than one. Flair, style, and bold colors, although some say garish colors, make the Pit Viper line distinctive. They are quite durable and secure, even if the look is not for everyone.

Arguably the most popular sunglasses right now, the sleek frames and polarized lenses make the perfect statement when riding a bike or talking a walk out in the park. The Swedish-based company is known for their sunglasses being on skiers both on the ocean and the snow. Quite stylish, the POC Will is perhaps the best seller of the year.

Ray Ban
If there is a true classic style with sunglasses, it is the timeless Ray Ban Aviators. Their oversized lenses and metal frames make them the perfect choice for just about anyone. The wide coverage allows for plenty of protection from the sun while the acetate pads over the temple arms offer additional comfort. Of course, the cool metal frames are a plus as well.

Another in the line of frameless wrap-around sunglasses, Smith uses the MAG lens-swap system to change out lenses when needed. These sunglasses come with five colorway options and are perfect for high-speed activities as they provide exceptional contrast. The sunglasses are not as durable as some other brands, but does provide excellent protection against wind and debris.

Tifosi is synonymous with the outdoor lifestyle market. Featuring some of the best selling brands that have garnered considerable attention in recent years. The Swank style offers some of the most popular sunglasses of the Tifosi brand. The unique hydrophilic rubber nose pieces help keep the sunglasses in place even if you are bouncing around on a jet ski.

Zeal Optics
One of the most popular and environmentally friendly sunglasses, Zeal Boone is known for their frames being made of plant-based materials. The lenses are also made from plant-bases substances which makes for the perfect eco-friendly look.

Of the top 8 best selling sunglasses brands in 2024, the right one for you will be the sunglasses that fit your style, needs, and budget. There are plenty of great selections if you choose from just one of the brands mentioned on the list.