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Styles & Colors for Sneakers for Summer 2024

Trends in sneaker styles seemingly change frequently thanks to several factors. From rising athletes to new directions in sports to the introduction of different styles and colors, the only constant in the sneaker universe is that there will be change. So, what are the styles & colors for sneakers for summer 2024?

Styles & Colors for Sneakers for Summer 2024

Bold Colors Sneakers
While old favorites such as black and ecru will continue to be popular, 2024 has seen the rise of bolder color choices that includes bright yellows and pinks. The emphasis is on vibrant, eye-catching colors that draw attention to the shoes in a way not seen before.

Colorful Prints Sneakers
Advancements in printing technology means that more shoes will have elaborate prints. One of the more popular is also one of the older types, the leopard print. Seen on clothing for many decades, the leopard print has now reached the sneaker industry is a powerful way. Printed uppers is also a rising trend that makes 2024 really stand out in this department.

Metallic Sneakers
Another relatively new trend in sneaker patterns, the metallic look has that element of futuristic appeal and yet surprisingly a hint of retro. Silver shoes really stand out for their bold choice and help set apart anyone who wears them. It does seem that 2024 is the year of “Look at My Shoes”.

Metallic Sneakers
Metallic Sneakers

Color Blocking
While bright, bold colors are today a popular choice, they still have their limits. This is why color blocking has also risen in popularity. These are bright color designs that are not as overpowering compared to their powerful yellow and pink competitors. The emphasis here is on a touch of bright colors added to established designs.

Mismatched Shoelaces Sneakers
Another interesting trend is having two different, but complementary colors in shoelaces. Such choices add individuality to the sneakers while not seeming like you just put on the wrong shoelaces. The colors also accentuate the bold choices in designs or can dress up more traditional sneakers by drawing more attention to them.

Mismatched Shoelaces Sneakers

Chunky Sneakers
The chunky look features bright colors and patterns which help emphasize the overall size and design of the sneaker itself. There are several different types of chunky designs in this popular trend. But the emphasis is on a fun, carefree lifestyle. For many, the chunky look is one that declares a good time will be had by all.

Eco-Friendly Sneakers
One interesting trend is the rise of using recycled materials in the creation of the sneakers. This not only means shoes that use sustainable processes, but many people purchasing second-hand shoes to help sustain the environment.

White Canvas Sneakers
What is old is new again thanks to the classic white canvas look. Perhaps as a response to the bright, bold colors that seemingly dominate the year, the old-fashioned white canvas look works perfectly with the typical shorts and t-shirt combo. It also works well with a camp-collar shirt and cropped dress pants.

The styles & colors for sneakers for 2024 will push the boundaries for those who love to wear sneakers as a fashion statement.