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Most Iconic Sneaker Collaborations

In fashion, the most popular designs are most often associated with the name of the designer. However, in terms of sneakers the emphasis on collaborations is with the most popular athletes or designers. What follows are the most iconic sneaker collaborations.

Air Jordan

Arguably the greatest basketball player of all time combined with Nike, the most recognizable sports shoe brand, to create a legendary series of shoes that is still highly popular today. The classic high top, robust build, and bright colors make Air Jordans truly the king of collaborations in the shoe industry.

Air Jordan Sneakers

Supreme + Vans

If there was one collaboration that started it all, it was the combination of Supreme and Vans in 1996. For skateboarding on the West Coast, the lifestyle was emphasized by the signature touch of Supreme, which has only been around for a couple of years with Vans to create this unique footwear which is still popular today.

Vans Supreme

Sean Wotherspoon + Nike

While Wotherspoon has moved on to other brands, back in 2017 his Nike Air Max “Light Blue Fury” was all the rage. One of the most unique collaborations in the sneaker industry, this is still a highly talked about shoe.

Jil Sander + Puma

A combination of a popular German designer with a signature brand of shoes is noted for its use of toned-down colors such as creams, whites, and blacks. The world of soccer was never the same afterwards.

Stussy + Nike

The first collaboration between Nike and prominent fashion designers, Michael Kopelman created the Air Huarache in 2000, but the name Stussy stuck because it was first released in the flagship store of Stussy in London.

Pharrell Williams + Adidas

Music superstar Pharrell created one of the most sought-after shoes in 2016 thanks to their NMD Human Race. That was preceded by the Supercolour Pack that also created widespread demand for this remarkable shoe.

Adidas Pharrell Williams

Sandy Bodecker + Nike

Back in 2002, the Nike SB came about thanks to a combination that seems obvious today. Linking a signature shoe with skateboarding. The Nike SB was the result and today the shoe is still being sold under the SB Dunk brand.

Wales Bonner + Adidas

The Samba Core Black is based on a design popular in the 1940s. Yet this shoe seems as fresh and alive today as other brands. Over a dozen new designs have been created since, but this one is still the king.

JJJJound + New Balance

The 992 Green by New Balance represents the peak collaborative efforts of the company with JJJJound. A top-end shoe, it has reached new heights thanks to the rise of JJJJound in the fashion industry.

New Balance JJJJound

BAPE + Adidas

While BAPE started creating homages to popular sneakers, it was the collaboration with Adidas that brought about the most fame. The Super Ape Star with its tagline “The Respect is Mutual” is still used by BAPE today.

The most iconic sneaker collaborations all have one thing in common, the focus on brand over style. It is the name that brings attention, which in turn creates the sales. But it is the quality of the shoes that can make or break the product.